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Cherish and share
the memories of your loved ones

Each person copes differently with the loss of a loved one. At Memorial International we offer you a beautiful and honorable online monument to commemorate and cherish that special person.

This virtual memorial will keep your memories alive and you can share it with relatives and friends world wide.


Send us the story of your loved one's life, important info about their hobbies & interests, memories told by their friends & family, photos and videos - and we will create a digital memorial that will preserve and celebrate your loved one's legacy.



Multi-Lingual Choice

You can send us texts in all Latin keyboard languages, including Slavic and Hebrew and we shall create your site in your native tongue

Updated Design

Our accomplished and experienced designers will provide you with a sleek, professional up-to-date site

See our template gallery

Choice of Beautiful Backgrounds

In order to help you achieve the look and feel you think will best reflect your loved one's personality, we offer you a selection of stunning backgrounds, color schemes and fonts

See our background gallery 

Retouching Your

Some of your photographs are old and scratched, dark or too red? Don't worry, we will retouch them to make your site look as professional as possible

6 steps to creating a virtual memorial:



Write your loved one's life story or biography. 

You can add a phrase or quotation to accompany their name and leading photo.


Write down their date and place of birth & passing.


Make a list of their hobbies and interests, close relatives and friends.


Collect 3-4 short memoirs written by relatives and friends.

You can add their portrait image.


Select up to 12 photos and videos of your loved one (preferably from different life periods).


You can add a list of links to other on-line posts about your loved one.

Send us your materials, choose your favorite background, font and color scheme from our selection, and we will turn them into a beautiful memorial.


“Loved the result! Looked through many websites and this is definitely more beautiful and honorable by far.”

Yuval S.


Only $99

for a professional memorial web page

Including: Story or biography of your loved one, an image gallery containing up to 12 images and video clips, up to 4 short stories of friends and family, details of the deceased, list of family members, links to more info  

Feel you need an extra page?

Pay only $59 for each additional page* 

*of same person

Wish to create a family site?

Pay only $75 for each additional family member

Hosting fee:  $1 per month (paid yearly) - First year FREE

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